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WEB EXTRA: High school wrestling results
Updated on: 12.15.09

Detailed results from Brown County High School's weekend wrestling matches weren't available in time for the Dec. 16 paper. Here's how the students fared:


Brown County, 45

Indian Creek, 30

103 Both schools forfeited

112 Aaron Bullock (BC), won by forfeit

119 Turner Voland (BC) pinned Andrew Lyman (IC), 1:46

125 Dylan Quackenbush (BC), won by forfeit

130 Ethan Raley (IC) pinned Jeremiah Ward (BC), 0:52             

135 Dyllon Davis (BC), won by forfeit

140 Vince Reese (IC) pinned Skylar Simmons (BC), 1:03

145 Jacob Ruckle (BC), won by forfeit

152 Quincy Richey (BC), won by forfeit

160 Cody Wilcox (BC) won over charles snodgrass (IC), 10-3

171 Johnathan Cave (BC), won by forfeit

189 Aaron Stevenson (IC) pinned Toby Kirts (BC), 1:01

215 Josiah Harrel (IC) pinned Brett Cline (BC), 0:58

Hwt Jake Stevenson (IC) pinned Jake Oliver (BC), 3:06

Brown County, 12

Columbus North, 70

103 Devon Dorben (C), won by forfeit

112 Aaron Bullock (BC) pinned Zek Gomez (C), 1:35

119 Evan Harrell (C) pinned Turner Voland (BC), 0:53

125 Greg Johnson (C), won by forfeit

130 Caleb Albertson (C) pinned Jeremiah Ward (BC), 1:59

135 Justin Aimers (C) pinned Dillon Davis (BC), 0:42

140 Mike Hughes (C) pinned Skylar Simmons (BC), 1:47

145 Marcus Wadell (C) pinned Jacob Ruckle (BC), 1:56

152 Quincy Richey (BC) pinned Chase Johnson (C), 1:36      

160 Gabe Holt (C) won by default over Cody Wilcox (BC)

171 Corey Bland (C) won over George Fowler (BC), 9-0

189 Jarrett Brownfeild (C) pinned Toby Kurts (BC), 0:58

215 Eli Teague (C) pinned Brett Cline (BC), 1:47

Hwt Justin Shultz (C), won by forfeit                                

Brown County, 27                   

Madison, 39

103 Both teams forfeited

112 Robby Taylor (M) pinned Aaron Bullock (BC), 4:45 
119 Turner Voland (BC) won over Caylee Dempler (M), 19-13                                 

125 Both teams forfeited

130 Evan Bowling (M) won over Jeremiah Ward (BC), 8-6

135 Dillon Davis (BC), won by forfeit
140 Zach Adams (M) pinned Skylar Simmons (BC), 1:08

145 Jacob Ruckle (BC), won by forfeit

152 Alex Morrison (BC), won by forfeit

160 Quincy Richey (BC) pinned Ryan Fish (M), 1:16

171 Easton Asher (M) pinned Seth Willley (BC), 0:43

189 Dalton Young (M) pinned Toby Kurts (BC), 2:42

215 Brandon Rice (M) pinned Brett Cline (BC), 0:53

hwt Cody Banks (M), won by forfeit

Brown County, 21

Shelbyville, 60

103 Nic Buken (S), won by forfeit

112 Aaron Bullock (BC) pinned Chris Peas (S), 1:56

119 Riley Anspargh (S), won by forfeit

125 Cody Clark (S), won by forfeit

130 Tim Shelton (S) pinned Jeremiah Ward (BC), 1:26

135 Tyson Quick (S) pinned Dillon Davis (BC), 1:23

140 Logan Hanna (S) pinned Skylar Simmons (BC) 1:56

145 Jared Branson (S) pinned Jacob Ruckle (BC), 1:21

152 Quincy Richey (BC) won over Jesse Baucher (S), 12-5            

160 Michael Purtle (S) pinned Alex Morrison (BC), 1:03

171 George Fowler (BC) pinned Troy Dunkleburg (S), 2:21     

189 Emil Bjodstrup (S) pinned Toby Kurts (BC), 0:50

215 Tyler Uhls (S) pinned Brett Cline (BC), 1:06

hwt Kenny Bramier (S), won by forfeit 

Brown County, 36                   

Edgewood, 48

103 Mikey Mest (E), won by forfeit

112 Aaron Bullock (BC) pinned Tyler Bryant (E), 1:31        

119 Cody Cowen (E), won by forfeit  

125 AJ Kerr (E), won by forfeit

130 Jeremiah Ward (BC), won by forfeit                          

135 Dillon Davis (BC), won by forfeit

140 Skylar Simmons (BC), won by forfeit

145 Jacob Ruckle (BC), won by forfeit

152 Quincy Richey (BC) pinned Wes Adams (E), 1:26        

160 Zach Ferguson (E) pinned Alex Morrison (BC), 0:34

171 Jeff Spicer (E) pinned Seth Willey (BC), 0:53

189 Ben Patton (E) pinned Toby Kurts (BC), 1:33

215 Jeremiah Terrell (E) pinned Brett Cline (BC), 1:34

hwt Seth Sturgeon (E), won by forfeit

Brown County, 18
Southport, 63
103 Hunter Johnson (S), won by forfeit
112 Aaron Bullock (BC) pinned Casey Kauffman (S), 1:37       
119 Patrick Lathrop (S), won by forfeit
125 Thomas Lentis (S), won by forfeit
130 Jordan East (S) pined Jeremiah Ward (BC), 1:18                        
135 Frankie Trevino (S) pinned Dillon Davis (BC), 0:44
140 Brian Boucher (S) pinned Skylar Simmons (BC), 1:20
145 Jacob Ruckle (BC), won by forfeit
152 Quincy Richey (BC) pinned Hayden Cook (S), 2:43    
160 Alex Morrison (BC) pinned Wyatt Cook (S), 1:10      
171 Notan Frenwick (S) pinned George Fowler (BC), 1:10
189 Ronnie Jones (S) pinned Toby Kurts (BC), 1:05
215 John Cleary (S) pinned Brett Cline (BC), 3:14
hwt Vinny Parmer (S) won by forfeit

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Josephine Lee Cueto, 62, Morgantown
  Daughter of Priscilla Burgmeier of Nashville

Mary 'Jane' Kollman, 92, Nashville
  Mother of Janet (Tom) Gaskins of Nashville

Charlotte K. (Adkins) Wilson, 67, Franklin
  Former resident of Brown County

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